White-label identity protection for Real Estate firms - Offer your own private-label identity protection service to real-estate clients.

Supplement real estate income with your own white-label identity protection service

We create custom-branded identity protection services for realtors and real estate companies

Real estate market has its ups and downs. What if you offered an identity protection service, branded with your logo and company name? You can  earn robust recurring monthly income from your clients. Your clients go through a lot to buy a home. It’s a daunting process that includes a mountain of paperwork. The digital footprint left behind doesn’t need to be an area of concern.

Providing your customers an Identity Protection solution from Enfortra will not only help protect them, but it will build the type of loyalty that drives referrals. A small housewarming gift might be appreciated, but a strong Identity Protection Program will definitely gain their attention. Our white label solutions will help them monitor for any threats, alert them to any possible breach, and help them recover quickly if an incident occurs.

Your customers will get:

  • A web portal where they can view and setup various alerts, check and monitor credit scores, and more.
  • Best-in-class services
  • A choice of plans
  • Competitive pricing

As our partner, you’ll get:

  • A platform that is simple to manage
  • Your choice of white label, co-brand or direct branding
  • Automated reporting
  • And most importantly, you own and maintain complete control over your customers’ data!

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