Identity Theft – How to know if you are a victim

Identity theft is a natural, present risk to all consumers. Consumers use their credit cards for most purchases. And your personal information can also be stolen from online databases and accounts that track consumers. How can you know if you are being targeted? Are there any signs?

Credit card charges that you didn’t purchase are the first sign of identity theft. A bad actor may have your credit card and may opportunistically use it. We have heard stories of retirees finding unexplained charges for surfing gear overseas. Often, your credit card company sends you an alert, but that’s not always the case, and you can’t exclusively rely on those. Protection strategy: Keep an eye on your credit/debit card statements and reach out to your credit card company when you see a fraudulent charge.

Large purchases in your name, leading to unexplained bills. You find you owe a car payment for a car you don’t own. Or a mortgage/rent request for a property you don’t own or request. Medical bills that are not yours. You might be at risk if you encounter a sizeable unexplained expense bill in your name. It’s common for identity thieves to use your identity to secure a large purchase or amount—protection strategy: Professional identity protection services, such as those offered by Enfortra to employers.

Unexplained credit report change. If someone acquires new credit with your identity, they’d undoubtedly impact your credit score. Protection strategy: Get a professional identity service that can issue immediate alerts and help you with the process of protecting yourself.

Tax return issues. Your social security number, if exposed, can be used by thieves to get a job or offer someone else the opportunity for cash. And unbeknownst to you, the theft had been accumulating back taxes. Eventually, the tax authorities like the IRS and state catch up and start sending you notices. Protection Strategy: an identity protection service should keep track of such instances.

These tips can help you protect your assets, identity, and sanity. The easiest way to get this peace of mind is to get an identity protection service. Enfortra provides white-label identity protection solutions nationwide to employers, associations and more.