Identity Protection – The surefire way to Build a Brand with Real Estate Customers

Real estate is built on hard work, repeat business, and word-of-mouth referrals. The challenge with achieving these goals is that the real estate transactions tend to have a short life, and once the buyer, or seller, completes their transaction, they have no incentive or reason to keep in touch with their real estate agent. Customers hire you for a purchase, and once the purchase is made, the new homeowner continues their life, and you fade out of their memories.

But we all know a solid real estate business is built on business/personal relationships. And relationships need to have a hook, something they can remember you with. How can you stay in front of your customer’s minds even after the contracts are signed? Realtors have dealt with this dilemma for a long time. Some leave mugs and glassware with their branded logos. Others drop in with a photo frame embossed with their realty’s logo. None of these say “remember me” or inspire anyone to call you again.

But what if you could give them a gift your customers will use for years? What if that gift is intrinsically tied to their ability to finance a new home? What if they use it every month and see/experience your brand in-depth? Not possible otherwise? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! Meet white-label identity protection services provided by Enfortra. We provide the back-end solution and create an identity protection portal customized to your reality’s brand. This gift of peace of mind can be given to high-value real-estate customers who would use the service, remember you, and have a higher chance of sending a referral.

What is identity protection?

One’s ability to purchase real estate is tied to one’s credit score and credit history. Naturally, it makes sense to keep an eye on your credit score. With identity theft on the rise, consumers must leverage identity protection services to catch and act upon any identity theft issues. And a robust, effective, and powerful identity protection service provides restoration and insurance services. Wouldn’t it be great for your premium real estate customers to use an identity theft protection service with your logo, name, and brand? So give your customers the gift of peace of mind and ensure you are front and center before them.

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