Best In Breed Protection. World Class Support. An Innovative Approach.

In many industries, companies are reluctant to expose their customers to a third-party provider, and for good reason.

Enfortra took a different approach when creating our platform. We combined best-in-class products and services and placed them on a platform that delivers complete control to you – the sponsoring organization. We deliver the platform to you, and let you bring Enfortra into your working environment. This allows you to directly provide these services through your own platform. In the short- and long-term, it’s a cleaner, safer, and more profitable approach.

Developed from the ground up by a small team of coders here in the United States, you benefit from:

  • A platform that is simple to administer and manage
  • Complete control and ownership of all data in the system
  • The confidence of knowing you have direct access to our security experts if you ever have a question.

We would be happy to share more details about our platform, security, and how an identity protection solution from Enfortra can benefit your organization and customers.