Restoration & Recovery


Becoming A Victim Of Identity Fraud Is Scary

And it’s always unexpected. Let Enfortra help you take action against the ever increasing problem of identity fraud.

Our comprehensive identity fraud restoration services will save you both time and money. We provide the support you need, so your members can recover quickly and easily. Identity theft is a crime that continues to grow, so safeguarding your customers, employees and members simply makes sense.

Through Enfortra’s Recovery and Restoration solutions you provide your members a proactive answer against this ever increasing threat. From identity theft to data breaches and phishing scams, it’s a matter of when, not if the unexpected will happen. With Enfortra, your members will be covered from start to finish. Step by step, our innovative solutions guide your members through the process of restoring their identity and recovering their losses.

U.S. Based Identity Restoration Service

When a problem is encountered, Enfortra balances proven restoration strategies with mitigation tools against future attacks. It’s all about speed and thoroughness, which are hallmarks of the Enfortra difference.