Create Value. Providing Protection. Generate Revenue.

As a membership-based organization, you’re constantly fighting for the attention of your base. Providing your members an Identity Protection solution from Enfortra will deliver value to your members while driving revenue to your bottom line. Your members encounter the threat of identity theft at every corner. Helping protect them will build the type of loyalty that drives both renewals and referrals. Our white label solutions will help them monitor for any threats, alert them to any possible breach, and help them recover quickly if an incident occurs, all the while building trust and value with your organization.

Your members will get:

  • Best-in-class services
  • A choice of plans
  • Competitive pricing

As our partner, you’ll get:

  • A platform that is simple to manage
  • Your choice of white label, co-brand or direct branding
  • Automated reporting
  • And most importantly, you own and maintain complete control over your customers’ data!

Looking to build member value and drive incremental revenue to your organization? Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn firsthand how Enfortra can tailor a package to your situation.